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We are a SIGMA Group company with a large, internationally-recognized organization, we work as a trading company specializing in non-ferrous metals while also helping the manufacturing and recycling industries to develop with our glocal human resources and flexible thinking.

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    Outsource Manufacturing

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    Scrap Metals Recycling

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    Exports, Imports,
    Trilateral Trade

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Our Mission

Attention has focused on environmental issues and natural resources, energy over recent years, and the importance of recycling has increased when it comes to the effective use of our finite resources.
As a trading company specializing in metals, we provide support for the growth of manufacturing industries and the recycling industry, and create social and economic value through our business by being a “Glocal Company" connecting Global and Local businesses. We will help to achieve a sustainable and resource-recycling society by creating new positive impact and stories through our work that exceeds expectations.
Because this is our mission, and is what we pride ourselves in.

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